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At Spaulding Road Church of God, we have Ministries available for all ages. We encourage you to discover the Ministries that best serve you and get involved! 

Sunday School

You’ll find the right class just for you. We have Sunday School classes for all ages. 

Junior Church

Children have their own service during the Sunday Morning Worship Service. 

Youth Group

Young people meet together during the week and are involved in various activities and outings.

Willing Workers Women’s Ministry

Our ladies are involved in many church and community functions.

Healing Hearts Group

Healing Hearts group for widows and widowers meet regularly and are involved in several ministries as well. 

Men of Faith

Men of FaithThe Men of Faith meet annually every September for a weekend of encouraging and uplifting each other. 
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Spaulding Road Church of God Ministries
Spaulding Road Church of God Ministries

How can I serve?

There are so many different ways to connect with us at Spaulding Road Church of God and to get involved!  As Christians we are called to serve God in some way according to our gifts and abilities but to absolutely be available to be used to serve others.  We are the church!  Not our building but our beings!  Becoming involved in one or more of our ministries is an excellent way to grow closer to Christ as you become His hands and feet as you embrace being part of the body of Christ.  Not sure which one is right for you?  Just start – Don’t wait until conditions are perfect – they likely never will be!  As you become involved by making yourself available, God will be faithful to reveal to you what His plans are for your life.  Whether it’s finding a small group or joining one of our active ministries, we want to share life with you!